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This is a step-by-step guide created to help women/vulva-owners access their own sexuality through the beauty of masturbation. In this 20-page document, you will find the following parts:


Part 1: Anatomy 101

Part 2: Benefits of Masturbation

Part 3: Permission Giving Exercises

Part 4: Internal Reflection Questions

Part 5: Sex Positive Affirmations

Part 6: Fantasy & Ethical Porn Discussion

Part 7: Prepping for Pleasure (Lube & Toys)

Part 8: A Detailed Guide to Mindful Masturbation

Part 9: Final Thoughts on Masturbation from Matt


My goal with this document is simple: provide vulva-owners with a road map to healthy sexual expression through masturbation. Masturbation is not selfish. It is not in competition with your relationship. It is simply a way of experiencing pleasure. Loving your own body and engaging in self-pleasure not only creates a powerful connection with yourself but also allows you to see the unique beauty within all vulva-owners. Pleasure is something hard for us to access due to patriarchal systemic structures, purity culture, and poor sex education. Although it may be harder to access, once we do, we open ourselves up to so many fun, pleasurable, and empowering experiences. 


*Note: I think it is important to acknowledge that as a man/penis-owner, I do not have first-hand experience with how it feels to have female genitalia. I am, however, a certified sex therapist who has many years of education and experience on the topic and this document is a way for me to share all I have learned from my education, clients, and those around me. 

A Journey to Self-Love (Vulva-Owner)

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