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Yub Kim, CT

Counselor Trainee

Let's explore what sexual freedom looks like for you. Hi, my name is Yub. I am a Master’s in

Clinical Mental Health Counseling student, bilingual in Korean and English. Sex should be

enjoyed with pleasure and explored without judgment. However, the messages we receive

throughout life make it harder to be true to our sexuality. I aim to create a safe space for clients

to explore fantasies, kinks, open/polyamorous relationships, and other sexual/intimacy

roadblocks. Some of the techniques I use may include exploring through narrative or play. I am

an active LGBTQIA+ and kink community member passionate about individualized sexual

freedom and sex workers' rights.

Pronouns: He/Him/His

To work with Yub, email/call the owner, Matt Lachman


Yub Kim, CT
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